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Become an inexorable (impossible to stop) force on offense. That's right, transform into a juggernaut and start running harder and with more confidence than ever before.

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Hittin' ain't about how "tough" you are. It's about whether or not you trust your shoulder pads to do their job. Havoc Shoulder Pads? Lights Out, all game!

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A good set of pads should protect you from the contact nature of the game. It's pretty simple: the less you feel the game, the safer it becomes, and the harder you'll be able to play. 

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Goal: design the best set of shoulder pads... ever. Protection, Fit, Comfort, Breathability, Range of Motion, Flexibility, and more. Mission Accomplished!

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All shoulder pads are not created equal. They may look similar, but the technology behind, as well as, the materials used in the construction of our pads are completely different. 

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Tackle Football ain't about dancin' or makin' all of them fancy moves... it's about that wall in your way and having the skill and confidence to tear it the !#@$ down!