My name is Coach Neal and I'm the only Full-Time Football Trainer/ Team Coach in the area with my own 20,000 square foot, 8 acre training facility. I'm also the only training facility/ trainer confident enough in his own program to train and coach his own competitive football team. For me, It's simple, 1+1=2. So, if my football training program + athlete = great football player... then, my football training program + athletes = a great football team. Unfortunately, for some, the math is a little more complicated.


As a coach, I've boat-raced teams by 50, been boat-raced by 50, and won and lost every other type of game in-between. I've been to multiple playoffs, led all-stars to the championship, and faced off against some of the best tackle football teams in Texas (an opportunity no other teams or organizations in this area were willing to take head on). And, it was this exact opportunity that allowed me to understand 3 things:

  1. We have created a backwards sports culture, in which, parents have been led to believe that team practice is all that is needed to prepare youth athletes to play sports at a competitive level.
  2. Why no Killeen team has yet to win a D1 or equivalent Youth Tackle Football Championship (AAU, D2, Pop Warner, and various other Leagues are considerably less competitive).
  3. Why our High Schools havn't been on the map since 91'.


As a trainer, I've combined my years of coaching experience, sports science, athletic training principles, and love of the game to develop the most comprehensive and effective youth football training system imaginable. No, the scale doesn't lie! (read more @


And now, it's time to get to work!

Create the first team in this area that operates on the same principles as competive gymnastics, cheer, and tumbling programs; all with their own facilities, training staff, and year-round training programs. That's right, a team capable of training and preparing athletes of any skill level to succeed both now and at the next level. And ultimately, a team that doesn't have to poach athletes from other teams, season to season, just to remain competitive or make it look as though they're actually responsible for any kind of athletic development.

Recruit parents and athletes that understand the need for and are committed to training and athlete development.

Start training and developing youth "football" players based on "real" training principles.

Win this areas first D1 Tackle Football Championship.

Watch our athletes grow and develop into the next generation of top High School football players.

Bring home our second, of many more, Texas State HS Football championships.

Graduate more players to top D1 FBS Colleges than ever before.


Yes, my confidence, and commitment to youth athletes and youth sports in this area are unparalleled. And, by redefining what the current Youth Football Experience is, we can finally transform it into what it should be.

What Competitive Youth Football Currently Is:

  • Inadequate training and individual player preparation for competitive level play.
  • Teams that rely more on recruiting new players season to season than creating the programs and infrastructure they need to develop the athletes they've already got into monsters.
  • 12-15 athletes that play both sides of the ball while the remaining 18-25 athletes on the team, ride the bench.
  • Cheap, outdated, and or otherwise unsafe helmets and shoulder pads. Simply because, some coaches and organizations don't recognize or understand the impact or importance of better equipment as it relates to player safety and performance. Read more at:
  • Parents being mislead and youth athletes never reaching their true athletic potential.

What Competitive Youth Football Should Be:

  • Organizations with their own year-round training facilities (no different than "real" gymnastics, tumbling, and cheer facilities).
  • "Real" training and athletic development curriculumn.
  • Informed parents: As it pertains to player safety, helmets, shoulder pads, athletic development, and more.
  • The cultivation of the next generation of top High School Football Players, college recruits, and beyond.
  • The first step in preparing our kids to live, succeed, and enjoy life, through sports.


So, if you're serious about Competitive Tackle Football and want to see your athlete transform into a Monster on the playing field, join me in creating this areas best Training + Competitive Play Football Program. Currently, the following programs are available:


My Cowboy Up 11U program is for athletes ages 10-11 (12 year olds are welcome to participate as long as they turn 12 after August 1st of the current year). This program is built on our Soldier Up Sports + Monsters Inc Training Platform  and provides everything youth athletes need to transform into Monsters on the playing feild. Athletes enrolled in this program must compete with my 11U competitive team.

Visit: for registration and program info.