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Every child has a dream.  And, every child's dream requires a Copilot... someone capable of helping them blast off and soar into the sky after whichever star they would call their own.

For a lot of kids, that star has S-P-O-R-T-S written all over it. Problem is, most kids will never sore as high as their sports dreams demand. But, not because only 7% of athletes go on to play in college, or that 2% of those athletes make it to the professional level. It's because, unless they're "born with it", succeeding at sports requires a level of training, preparation, and development that parents in this area cannot afford, and, a level of funding that doesn't currently exist.

Yes, Youth Organizations, Middle Schools, and High Schools in our area all provide sports, but, simply providing sports and actually preparing athletes to be great are two entirely different things.

Fortunately, Athletic Development is real, and while most areas throughtout the nation are lucky to produce a few, if any, district titles, state championships, or D1, let alone pro-level athletes... top producing sports cultures exist. And, what they prove year in and year out is that it's not about innate abilities, luck, or these kids dreams being unrealistic... it's about us being realistic, and creating the culture jin which their dreams can thrive.

And, that's why I've decided to:

  • Transform my 20,000 square foot 3.5n acre training facility into a FREE Youth Sports Training Center.
  • And, make year-round training and other sports related activities available to EVERY Elementary through High School student-athlete whose star has sports written all over it.

My goal... give the children of active duty military, retired, veteran, and everyone else in theis community the best opportunity to live their dreams. But, I can't do it alone. For a program of this caliber to exist, it will require the financial support of the entire community. Then, together, we can Copilot these kids on their way to not only living their dreams, but becoming invincible!


Copiloting a childs sports dream is easy:

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Every child's dream requires a Copilot. And, every Copilot helps make a child INVINCIBLE! So, order your INVINCIBLE T-SHIRT [Click Here], become a Copilot, and help fund something great!


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III. 1000:100 CAMPAIGN.
There are well over 4,000 businesses in the Killeen, Fort Hood area. And, if only one thousand of them were willing to Copilot a child's sports dream at just $100 per year, we could easily provide student-athletes in our area access to the level of training, preparation, and development their dreams demand. Even better, this program isn't just limited to businesses... it's open to individuals and any one else that wants to help these kids blast off and soar into the sky after their S.P.O.R.T.S. dream.

  • A safer, more constructive environment to help keep student-athletes off the streets and actively engaged in the pursuit of their dreams.
  • Open-Facility for self-paced and instructor led workouts/ training.
  • Strength Training, Conditioning, Speed+Agility+Quickness, Sports Specific SKILL + IQ Development classses and camps.
  • In exchange for your 1000,100 Campaign Sponsorship, your business will receive the official Soldier Up Sports: 1000/100 Copilot Award Certificate.

Ready to join our 1000:100 Sponsorship Campaign? [Click Here]. Sponsorships last for 1 year. And, every business that joins the cause receives an Official: 1000:100 Copilot Award Certificate to proudly display.


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The real ROI is knowing that you gave a child in your community the opportunity to live their dream. And then, of course, there's making sure your message get's delivered.

  • Company Logo on 8' X 8' Motivational Facility Banner.
  • 12 (1 per month) Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter photo post featuring your company banner. *10K+ views per month..
  • Company Logo visible on all posted action photographs and video taken during facility events where your banner is in frame. *We do not guarantee the number of photos or videos to be posted or, the number of photos or videos your banner will appear in.
  • Company Logo on sponsor display module. *10K+ views per month.

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Sponsoring Uniforms and Equipment are the #1 way to ensure your business is seen! Currently we are looking for:

  • Fall Tackle Football Uniform Sponsor.
  • Monster Stack Sponsors.
  • Helmet Sponsors.
  • Strength Equipment Sponsors.

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Every dollar from our Copilots goes to fund a variety of FREE training programs for ES, MS, HS aged athletes. The more funding we have available, the more programs we can begin to offer. Check out our Program List by clicking here.


Let there be no question about it... our focus is Youth Athletic Development. That and, the young men and women you're Copiloting are super serious about their sports dream. However, we would be totally amiss to overlook the reality that, even though our program WILL produce and pass more athletes on to the next level than ever before, even the best athletes will require a Strategic Development Plan.

Our Strategic Development Plan is all about ensuring our student-athletes are ready to succeed at life, on or off the field. That they've developed a passion for more than just the sports they love to play, as well as, they're ready to translate all of the time and effort (energy) they put into being great at sports... into being great at anything. That they understand there's no difference between pushing through an entire workout, when all their body wants to do is quit, and pushing through that last set of math problems, when all their brain wants to do is explode. Because, greatness isn't just about rising to one challenge despite the rest, it's about harnassing the energy (time and effort) to rise to every challenge, and becoming INVINCIBLE, no matter what life throws their way.

Thank You!

- Coach Neal

QUESTIONS? (512) 619-1878.