Life begins with two words.

Soldier Up.

Life is challenging, but, no matter how challenging life is, we can never allow it to keep us from doing what we need to do to succeed. True, this is definitely easier said than done, and at times, life can be extremely difficult and overwhelming, but, during these times we need only look to the greatest example of men and women overcoming challenges imaginable... soldiers on the battlefield.

You see, on the battlefield, soldiers (since the beginning of time) have been asked to face the most challenging of all things life has to offer, death. And, though the battlefield only promises that for many, death will be certain, soldiers have continued to stand, take the challenge head on, and accomplish the mission.

Such a feat is truly inspirational. And, if soldiers past, present and future are willing to face life's ultimate challenge on behalf of us, so that we may continue to live, succeed and enjoy life... then the time has come for us to draw from that inspiration and from this moment on, let nothing stand between us and accomplishing our mission on the battlefield of life.

Life is waiting. Start living it Today!

Because, there is no challenge in life that can't be overcome, as long as, you know how to Soldier Up.

7 Steps to Soldiering Up

1. Identify the challenge or problem. What's wrong?

2. Analyze the challenge or problem. What is the cause of the problem? Why is it happening? Is it something your doing? Is it something your not doing? Is it something someone else is doing? Is it something someone else is not doing? Note: The easiest thing to do when analyzing the challenge or problem is to point the finger at someone else, however, we challenge you to dig deeper, because, most challenges and problems can never be overcome until you realize that your not waiting on anyone else to do something or make something happen for you, your waiting on yourself!

3. Define your goal. What do you want to happen?

4. Identify possible solutions. What can you do to fix the problem or overcome the challenge? How many possible solutions can you come up with?

5. Analyze all of your possible solutions. Weigh the pros and cons (good and bad) of each possible solution and determine which solution is the best.

6. Select and implement the solution. Pick a solution.

7. Evaluate the effectiveness of your solution. Has your solution fixed the problem or allowed you to overcome the challenge? If your solution is not working, repeat steps 4 thru 7.

However, if your solution has fixed the problem or allowed you to overcome the challenge...  Your one challenge down and well on your way to accomplishing the mission.

The Mission: To Live, Succeed and Enjoy life.

The Enemy: Anything that stands in our way.

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